Woods Cove

Woods Cove is a medium sized beach with large rock formations.

Beach Access

There are two entrances to Woods Cove. The South entrance has a beautiful garden. The North entrance is located between two homes and is marked by a sign.

woods cove-5329

woods cove-5331

This is the garden that leads you to the beach.

woods cove-5335

Take the stairs to reach the sand.

North View

woods cove-5339

South View

woods cove-5337

woods cove-3599

This is the north entrance and is in between two homes.

woods cove-5346

One of the many beautiful homes at Woods Cove.

woods cove-5345

If you get luck you can get free parking along Ocean Way.

woods cove-5330

There is free parking along Diamond Street and Ocean Way.


Woods Cove is located at the intersection of Diamond Street and Coast Highway in Laguna Beach. There is very limited free parking near Woods Cove on Ocean Way. You can also park for free on the other side of Coast Highway in the residential area. There is also metered parking along Coast Highway.

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