Victoria Beach

Victoria Beach is made famous by the tower that is located on the north end of the beach.

Beach Access

Walk down Victoria Street and stay to the left at the fork in the road. Continue down the hill and you will see the beach in front of you.

North View

victoria beach-1724

Walk north around the cliff to reach the tower.

victoria beach-1031

Before reaching the tower, there is a small rocky beach.

victoria beach-1660

The tower Victoria Beach is known for. You will see many people taking photos here.

victoria beach-1068

Continue north past the tower to reach a rock tide pool area. Be careful standing at the ledge, large waves might soak you or knock you down.

victoria beach-1652

Beyond the tide pools is a rocky coastline.

South View

victoria beach-1723

The view looking south towards Treasure Island.


Parking for Victoria Beach can be tricky because it easy to miss the beach. If you are heading south, you can park on Coast Highway at Victoria Street, then walk down Victoria Street to get to the beach. I prefer to do a U-turn and park heading north. Then I walk down the stairs at Nyes Street and take the tunnel under Coast Highway to Victoria Street. When walking down Victoria Street, stay to the left at the fork.

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