Treasure Island Beach

Treasure Island is located in front of the Montage Resort. This spot has it all. There is a beautiful park that overlooks the beach. There is a rock arch way to walk under, a large tide pool and plenty of sand.

Beach Access

There are several stairways to lead you down to the sand. The main walk way is located at the south end of the Montage Resort. The main ramp located near Wesley Drive gives you access to the rock arch and tide pools. There are two more stairways leading to the sand further north.

treasure island beach-3052

North View

treasure island beach-3055

After accessing the beach from the main walkway, head north and you will see this large tide pool and rock arch.

treasure island beach-3053

Just north of the tide pools is another sandy beach. It is difficult, but possible to walk to this beach from the tide pools. You need to climb over some slippery rocks and wade though the water to get here.

treasure island beach-3066

Walking north though Treasure Island Park , you will come upon this beach access.

treasure island beach-3093

This is the very north end of Treasure Island. You can walk from here to Victoria Beach to visit the tower.

treasure island beach-3085

The northern most beach access to Treasure Island.


There are several parking options for Treasure Island. There is free parking on Wesley Drive, if you drive up into the neighborhood, it is not that far of a walk. There is also metered parking on Wesley Drive close to Coast Highway. There is a small paid parking lot on Wesley Drive located just off of Coast Highway. You can also pay to park in the Montage parking structure also located on Wesley Drive. I would recommend turning on Wesley drive from Coast Highway and looking for free parking in the neighborhood. It is only slight farther from the beach than the metered parking and the paid parking lot.

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