Table Rock Beach

Table Rock is one of the most beautiful of the small beaches in Laguna. The north and south end of the beach are capped with cliffs. In the middle of the beach there is a large rock formation with marine life.

Beach Access

Walk down Table Rock Drive, then proceed down the stairs.

table rock-1246

table rock-2360

North View

table rock-2112

South View

table rock-2029

This is the south end of Table Rock. I climbed up this rock formation to get the photos above and below this picture

table rock-2139

After climbing up the rock formation you get a view of this small beach and house perched on the cliffs over the water.


North of Table Rock drive on Coast Highway, there is free parking. There is also free parking on Eagle Rock Way, just be sure not to block any driveways or you could be towed.

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