LagunaBeachSecrets: A Guide to the Beaches and Parks of Laguna Beach


When it comes to Laguna Beach, most people only know of Main Beach, but there are many additional spots to enjoy—lesser known ‘local’ beaches, hidden rock coves, and secluded viewpoints. I started “LagunaBeachSecrets” because I wanted to share these incredible places with others. I spent every weekend for the most part of a year photographing these spots, eventually putting together this collection. LagunaBeachSecrets is now a guide and resource of nearly 40 beaches and parks in Laguna Beach, with information on what to see, how to get there, and what amenities to expect.

I’m often asked what I love most about Laguna Beach. The best thing about Laguna is the many different beaches and marine life. There are beaches for surfing and exploring tide pools. There are large beaches and small private beaches. There is so much to explore. I’m in Laguna Beach nearly every weekend and the experience still feels new and exciting. I love how secluded Laguna can feel even though it is in the heart of Orange County. There are many times I am the only person on the beach. I hope my guide and ‘secrets’ will help you enjoy Laguna Beach as much as I do.